Thursday, July 26, 2007

my journey

I was born on September 3 1961.My mother's words, when I be aged monthly, every time heard the voice adzan my west always cried.I do not know why now then I still easy to cried.

Although like this-like this, I his person was soft and easy was touched.For example, witnessed the news in television that reported had the person of the previous success medapatkan the appreciation for his achievement, I could then cry.

Saw a mother who showed his love to his child, also could make me be touched and then menangisSpoke about my trip of the musical career, was begun when I was active ngamen in Bandung.I began ngamen when being 13 years old.At that time I still SMP. Aku learned to play the guitar from the friend of the friend sat idle I.

If they played my guitar liked pay attention to.But wanted asked embarrassed.One day I was determined to play the guitar.But even his string was cut off.I was reprimanded.Since that time, the guitar like printed strong in my memory.

The incident like that had results in my memory.Previously I once the school in Jedah, Saudi Arabia, in KBRI for 8 months.By chance there had relatives of my parents that not had the child.Because of living in the foreign country, I felt really needed entertainment.

The only entertainment for me was the guitar that was carried by me from Indonesia.At that time had two songs that always were played by me, that is A Pair Of Mata Bola and Waiya.Time came home from Jeddah the pass of the Pilgrim's season.

If in people's aircraft in brought water zam-zam, I only carried the guitar kesayagan I.In the trip dalampesawat from Jeddah to Indonesia, my guitar knowledge improved.Saw had the small child baga the guitar in the aircraft, made an attendant surprised.

The attendant then approached me and borrowed my guitar.But so just will play, the attendant was surprised.His matter my guitar voice fals."Kokkayak gini steman him?"He asked.At that time, although already could very few I indeed still could not nyetem the guitar.

After membetulka my guitar, premugari that then taught me to play the Blowing song in the Wind him Bob Dylan.School time in the JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL 5 Bandung I also

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